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What To Expect After Recovering From Liposuction And What You Can Do!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Why is liposuction such a popular procedure? We want to go over the recovery process after liposuction:

Here's a brief rundown of what liposuction recovery entails:

Because most procedures only need a local anesthetic, you won't have to spend much time recuperating after general anesthesia. You won't have to return to have stitches removed because our liposuction techniques don't require them. We like patients to follow up after procedures to ensure healing and recovery are proceeding as planned. Ninety percent of the swelling should be gone after four weeks, and your body should appear normal.

For one week, a compression garment must be worn at all times, after which you can go down to just 12 hours per day for up to six weeks. To prevent infection, antibiotics are given after the operation. Only one or two days will you be unable to participate in your routine after liposuction.

Within two days, most people can resume a moderate exercise routine. Recovery from Liposuction After a Quick Procedure Our liposuction procedure takes an average of 30 minutes to an hour. This means that you will not spend much time in the running position.

The length of your stay in surgical facilities varies due to the different types of anesthesia. You may be placed under local anesthesia, which will require you to stay for about 30 minutes after the procedure is complete. A three-hour postoperative recovery is needed before going in for general anesthesia.

Return to the surgeon's office for a post-operation assessment Each surgeon's office has different policies on when they want you to come back for a postoperative checkup. Schedules vary greatly. Some surgeons want you to come back after a few days for a checkup, and others like you to come back in 7 days.

Some procedures may require stitches, but our liposuction procedures do not require stitches as the incisions are the size of a pen tip. This eliminates the need to remove additional checks and stitches after the procedure.

How long does it take to see results?

Other surgeons use different techniques, so the time it takes to see results depends on which one you choose. First, you'll need to wait for the postoperative swelling to subside to begin to see the permanent changes brought about by the liposuction operation. There is an "open drainage" technique that is performed without stitches. This process causes swelling for about four weeks. After four weeks, 90% of the swelling should be gone.

If stitches are used, you could have visible swelling for up to ten weeks. However, our office does not use stitches for this procedure. Generally, access is made with small incisions the size of a pen tip.

Will I be on any medication after the procedure?

Most patients only need to take antibiotics after the operation to prevent infection from developing. In rare cases, patients may require painkillers. Return to regular activity after liposuction

The liposuction procedure is convenient for most people because they will only be out of work for a day or two. The majority of our patients are back at work the next day. A few days after your liposuction treatment, you should be able to resume normal activities. After a few days, the swelling, edema, and any discomfort should go down considerably. Swelling, swelling, and any pain should subside significantly after a few days.

Common sense should determine what you participate in. Light jogging, light weight lifting, golf, and other mildly aerobic exercises are all viable activity options after your liposuction procedure. Pain varies from patient to patient. Patients are generally pleased with how rapidly they recuperate and how quickly they may return to their regular routine following liposuction.

Wearing a Compressive Garment During Liposuction Recovery After your liposuction recovery period begins, you must wear unique tight clothing. This garment will compress your skin after the liposuction process is complete. The garment should be worn for a week immediately after surgery. It lasts for six weeks. Once you've completed an entire week, you'll reduce your time to 12 hours per day.

Return to Exercise After Liposuction Recovery There are benefits to resuming regular physical activity after having your procedure. Benefits include increased blood flow and faster recovery time. Our patients can exercise within two days of the operation. At the very least, you will take a short walk every night to keep the blood circulation going. Lying in bed for long periods during the day and not participating in any physical activity puts you at risk of blood clots.

Liposuction may help to spark your metabolism. You should be able to continue to lose weight during the 4-6 week liposuction recovery period.

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