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Liposuction Q & A

What is Smartlipo?

Smartlipo is an advanced laser liposuction treatment used to help rid your body of unwanted fat. The minimally invasive treatment combines laser energy with traditional liposuction to contour your body and improve your shape.


Am I a good candidate for Smartlipo?

Smartlipo isn’t meant to serve as a means to help you lose weight but as a tool to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat. The team at ReJuv MedSpa recommends the treatment if you are at or close to your ideal weight with a body mass index no greater than 30.

The team offers Smartlipo to remove fat from:

  • Under the arms

  • Abdomen and waist

  • Inner and outer thighs

The team conducts a thorough evaluation to assess if Smartlipo is a good choice for you before recommending treatment.

To target unwanted fat under your neck, the team at ReJuv MedSpa use the PrecisionTx laser.


What can I expect during Smartlipo treatment?

Smartlipo is done at the office. Because incisions are necessary to perform laser liposuction, anesthesia is used to reduce any discomfort during treatment. You may feel some tugging and pressure as the laser and suction remove the fat from your body.

Treatment time varies but takes about two hours, and you may feel some soreness afterward. The team recommends that you take it easy for a day or two following treatment, but you should be able to resume your usual activities thereafter.

As a laser liposuction treatment, you should only need one session to get the results you want, and the results are immediate.

Smartlipo permanently destroys and removes fat cells, so they won’t come back after treatment. However, the team at ReJuv MedSpa recommends you follow a healthy diet and exercise program to help maintain results. The fat may be gone, but the remaining fat cells can grow in size if you consume more calories than your body burns.


What is PrecisionTx?

The PrecisionTx is a minimally invasive laser treatment the team at ReJuv MedSpa use to contour the neck and jawline. Sometimes referred to as the laser facelift, the one-hour, one-time procedure improves your profile without surgery or the need for downtime.


What is a lymphatic drainage massage?

To assist in maintaining your newly contoured body, or to help keep your lymphatic system working properly, the team at ReJuv MedSpa offer a lymphatic drainage massage. The lymphatic system is responsible for processing fat cells and eliminating them from your body.

This specialized treatment targets the lymph nodes in your lymphatic system, to improve function and help your body process fat and toxins to restore health and vitality.  

For body contouring with immediate results, call today or schedule an appointment using the online booking agent.

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¿Estás luchando por perder grasa abdominal o por el movimiento de tus brazos? ¿Siempre has querido probar la liposucción, pero la idea de la cirugía te hace pensar dos veces? Los expertos en medicina estética de ReJuv Cosmetics ofrecen un tratamiento de liposucción láser mínimamente invasivo en el consultorio con Smartlipo para remodelar su cuerpo. Para obtener más información sobre Smartlipo, llame hoy o programe una consulta en línea.

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